This seems crazy. Why would I consider this?

While no one educational model is the best fit for all students and families, we've seen the collaborative model have widespread appeal. Collaborative education serves homeschool parents seeking the support of a like-minded community, partnership with trained teachers in a classroom environment, and comprehensive curriculum. It serves traditional school parents seeking more involvement in their

What is the “Trivium”?

Our curriculum is based on the classical concept of the “Trivium,” which in Latin means "the three ways." The three stages of the trivium are Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric, which correspond to the three stages of growth in a child’s thinking and learning. As such, we teach students to understand, discern, reason, and explore in

How is this different from any other school?

Apart from obvious differences in curriculum and instruction, classical education differs fundamentally from traditional education in its focus on the interrelation of all knowledge. While traditional education teaches math, English, and history as isolated “subjects,” classical education seeks to show the interrelation of all knowledge. Math relates to science which relates to logic. Literature relates

What does “classical” mean? Why is this your approach?

We teach using the classical method in all subjects. This approach is called “classical” because it dates back to Aristotle and was formalized in the Middle Ages. It is characterized by a whole child approach to learning, using an integrated curriculum, classical books, art, music, and a formal study of Latin and logic. In other

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