How much time is spent on lessons during at-home days?

The amount of time spent on lessons at home on Tuesday and Thursday depends on many factors, including family size, your student's age and maturity, learning style and speed, and family dynamics. It is important to remember that there is no evening homework assigned. Based on our experience, all of the below real-world time estimates

What is the role of the parent co-teacher when teaching at home?

Parents assume the role of "co-teacher" for the younger grades. The on-campus teacher introduces new concepts in class, and provides detailed lesson plans and a checklist for each subject that parent co-teachers use at home with their student(s). Parents are provided everything they need in a detailed, guided fashion. In the older grades, as students

What happens on Fridays?

For grades 4 and below, Fridays are a “flex day” which are used for completing reading assignments or other projects. For Grammar students, the Friday course load is usually one hour or less. Beginning in 5th grade, students have assignments on Fridays, though the load is often less than on other weekdays. If coursework is

What does a weekly schedule look like?

Each week is split among on-campus days and at-home days. Mondays/Wednesdays are full days on campus with trained teachers covering all subjects in a classroom setting. Tuesdays/Thursdays are at-home days during which a parent co-teacher follows provided lesson plans to reinforce learning. Fridays are flex days for completing assignments, working on projects, catching up on

What are the qualifications of the teachers you hire?

Our teachers are degreed professionals who love children and have a gifting and passion for teaching.  They must also fully and joyfully subscribe to our Statement of Faith, complete a thorough background check, and take part in MinistrySafe screening and training.

Where will you meet?

We are currently in discussion with like-minded churches to secure the most appropriate facilities. We are committed to staying close to the Carlsbad/Encinitas region.

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