What if we’re transitioning from another kind of school?

Students can successfully transition to models like ours from diverse backgrounds including private school, public school, and homeschool. Any student who is at or above grade level in their current school should be able to transition successfully to NCC. The first few weeks of our year include some review and we also gradually increase the

Do I have to be a Christian for my child to attend?

We follow a discipleship model, meaning that we exist to serve the church as we help families train up their children to trust and treasure God and his gospel in all things. Accordingly, we require that at least one parent agree with our Statement of Faith and regularly attend a Christian church that affirms the

What grades are offered at Classical?

We plan on beginning the 2022-2023 school year serving K-6th students, adding an additional grade level each year until the full offering of K-12th grade is available. Our plan is subject to change based on demand and resources available.

How much does NCC cost?

View the Tuition & Fees page. NCC desires for families of any financial situation to be able to attend our academy, which is why we seek to set tuition rates as competitively as possible, often less than 1/4 the cost of full time classical schools. As we pursue our inaugural year, we do not currently

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