Our curriculum is based on the classical concept of the “Trivium,” which in Latin means “the three ways.” The three stages of the trivium are Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric, which correspond to the three stages of growth in a child’s thinking and learning. As such, we teach students to understand, discern, reason, and explore in ways that align with their natural development.

Grammar Stage (K-5th)

This stage is focused on laying foundational knowledge in all areas of study. Teachers employ developmentally appropriate methods such as memorization, recitation, and songs with grammar students.

Logic Stage (6th-8th)

This stage takes the foundational knowledge gained in the Grammar stage and expounds on it. Students in this phase are naturally argumentative and are beginning to ask difficult questions about their world.  Analysis and critical reasoning are the chief mental acts of this stage. Developmentally, logic students learn best through debate and discussion.

Rhetoric Stage (9th-12th)

This stage is the culmination of the Trivium. The student of rhetoric takes the foundational knowledge gained in grammar school, the analytical skills of the logic stage, and begins producing and defending his/her own ideas. Thesis defense and eloquent written and oral communication are the hallmarks of the rhetoric stage.