While no one educational model is the best fit for all students and families, we’ve seen the collaborative model have widespread appeal.

Collaborative education serves homeschool parents seeking the support of a like-minded community, partnership with trained teachers in a classroom environment, and comprehensive curriculum. It serves traditional school parents seeking more involvement in their child’s education, greater and more flexible family time, and affordability.

A few of the key positives to consider:

  • Comprehensive and integrated liberal arts curriculum – no need to cobble together a school year from numerous sources and vendors or navigate endless curriculum choices
  • A Christ-centered worldview that permeates every subject
  • A community of families aiming at the same goals and values as yours
  • A more flexible family schedule, including flex Fridays – allowing for longer weekends, travel, more time for sports, lessons, activities, etc.
  • Less nightly homework
  • A thorough Christian education that is far more cost-effective
  • The ability to play a significant role in your child’s education without having to do it all yourself!